Nothing much to say about it. Draw draw and draw, this is what I do during much of my free time ….and (now that I think about it)sometimes at work too especially when the big bosses are talking about important matters and I  loose track of what they are saying beacuse something funny has happened to me during the day and I’m thinking about it and how I could possibly tell it to people. Really, tell me, what can be more important than drawing and being happy?


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  1. Thanks for the “likes” last week (sorry, just now getting around to looking at my blog again after the weekend). Really cool what you’re doing here. None of it feels constrained, very open and fun. Great stuff! Thanks again….


  2. Each time I’m on a meeting with those many teachers I can’t help drawing and they know me now as “the caricaturist” ;), can’t help doing it to make fun and express something important or just trivial, but drawing is just like my breath, without it I’d die, no kidding! When I die, i hope my last breath will be the last stroke of my pencil on a paper! Keep up the good work cousin !

  3. Hey Cedds, thanks for popping by my blog and giving it the thumbs up. I like your stuff, drawings, observations and all. To draw is fantastic, to celebrate it is even greater and so much fun too. Good luck and keep it going.

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