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Los gorros de Manuel


Two pages  from a book I am working on with Ana.

manuel contento

manuel is bored


A friendly race


Ana came to school on Thursday and gave me the book, OUR book. I couldn’t believe it. I was there in front of her, holding “A Friendly Race” in my hands, reading my name on the cover but not really realizing it was MY name. I uttered a couple of  thank-you-very-muches, I bowed several times as I normally do when I say thank you and I closed the door. After a while, the penny dropped and I couldn’t stop jumping around the place and showing the story tale  to everybody.

Ana? You don’t know who she is. Do you? Well, you can visit her webpage http://www.anitadearbues.blogspot.com.es …if you do so you will learn that she is a brilliant writer, she writes stories for children, you will understand that those stories come from her heart, are processed by her brain and are eventually written by her hands. If you investigate a bit more you will learn that she sells her books herself, online or at markets around the Aragonese  region. Ana sometimes goes to schools and tells her stories to children, she interacts easily with both children and adults. Her heart is so big that she’s able to fit it both in all  her books and in her personal relationships. The only thing you won’t know by visiting and reading her blog is that she’s got a beautiful smile on her face 7 days a week  and she gives it to you freely early in the morning on her way to work. She is just a wonderful person!



Tim was reading his book, laying down on the fresh grass of the park. he was totally engrossed, enjoying each word, each sentence, each paragraph. It was a real treat. Suddenly, a hand emerged from one of the pages, followed by an arm , a head and then a whole body.  Tim was gobsmacked 🙂 . The strange man stepped out of the book. “Hi Tim!” he said offering his hand, ” you are at a full stop now. Aren’t you? Can you hold on a minute?…. I need to go to the loo”. Tim couldn’t utter a single word. He sat there  watching the man as he walked to the bathroom.