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I’ll go for a walk today and I’ll probably leave one of my little friends somewhere along Paseo Independencia. What’s the point in keeping everything I draw locked up in a cupboard?





I shop therefore I am


We shop for food ( a growing number of people throughout Europe can’t do it ( crisis?).

We shop for clothes and new technologies ( a fortunate few can still do it)

We shop for drawing materials (:-)) ( a fortunate few can still do it)

We shop for happiness. It’s sad but I’m pretty sure that we are all compulsive buyers in a way.

Anyway I hope that everything gets better in 2013.

recycling recycling shopping

Let's be human!!

Let’s be human!!

Flower nonsense.


This flower came out of the blue. Like a chord you play on a guitar, your fingers are not used to it, it hurts so much but you want to do it right. Hey! gardener! Give me something to drink my petals are sore. Pull them one by one and throw them to the sky, I hate you to tears, I love you to fears.

This flower came out of the blue like the cold eyes you lay on me. golden flower