That’s why she doesn’t eat vegetables.


Being vegetarian I find it difficult to understand why people don’t like vegetables. Children can be so fussy about the little bits of red, yellow, purple or green they find in their plate. I tried to find an explanation and this is what I came up with.



“Vegetables lived happily in a nice garden. They were very friendly.”


One day, sausages came along with roasted chickens and burgers. They were very mean and started to kick , beat and brutalize the poor vegetables. Since then life hasn’t been the same for these lovely creatures, they are nowadays exploited, abused and live under fear of the evil meat family.


” That’s why I don’t want to eat vegetables mummy! They have suffered so much! I feel pity for them!”



“we must do something!” Time has come to avenge them! Justice must be done!



“Get all the sausages and burgers we’ve got. Put them in the pan. Get them ready! I’ll teach them a lesson!! 



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